Church Bulletin

Willkommen zum deutschen Gottesdienst

24. Januar 2016 - 9.00 Uhr morgens

Thema: Das Evangelium nach Markus


»Die starken bedürfen keines Arztes, sondern die Kranken.
Ich bin gekommen, die Sünder zu rufen und nicht die gerechten.«

Markus 2:17



Präludium -Gruppenlied

Begrüßung und Einleitung

Versammlungslied – GM 4 Mächtige Ströme des Segens!




Beyond our Doors – MCC Blanket Making

Bekanntmachungen & Gebet

Kollekte - Gruppenlied


Gottes Wort


Versammlungslied – GM 353 Nimm du mich ganz hin, o Gottessohn!

Bibeltext – Markus 2,1-22

Predigt – „Wer sind die Sünder, und die Kranken?“




Schlusslied – GM 350 Es schaut bei Nacht und Tage



Beyond our Doors ~ Mary Martens

Klavier ~ Kim Sidorchuck

Versammlungslieder ~ Maria Toews

Kindergeschichte ~ Katie Giesbrecht

Hauptordner ~ Ronni Hiebert

Gottesdienstleitung ~ Amalie Hiebert

Botschaft ~ Fernando Hiebert

Tontechniker ~ Taylan Schroeder

Multimedia ~ Kayla Hiebert

Welcome Center ~ Linda Esau

Gruppenlieder ~ Klassen Family


Wir laden ganz herzlich wieder zum Frauentreffen am
6. Februar um 10:30 a.m. im Kitchenette ein.


Sunday, January 24, 2016, 11:00 a.m.

Theme: Gospel of Mark



Gathering As God’s People


Call to Worship and Prayer

Congregational Singing

You Are Worthy

In Christ Alone

Ancient Words



Beyond our Doors – MCC Blanket Making

Congregational Life and Prayer



Proclaiming God’s Word

Children’s Story

Scripture Reading ~ Mark 2:1-22

Sermon ~ Who is this guy?

Congregational Song ~ Give Us Clean Hands


Responding To God’s Word


Closing Song ~ Grace Like Rain




Beyond our Doors ~ Mary Martens

Multimedia ~ Kayla Hiebert

PA ~ Taylan Schroeder

Pianist/Prelude/Postlude ~ Jordan Hiebert

Song Leaders & Offertory ~ Jordan & Gillian Hiebert,

Andrew Hiebert, Rob Sidorchuk

Sermon ~ Daryl Climenhaga

Worship Leader & Children’s Story ~ Randy Hildebrand

Head Usher ~ Ronni Hiebert

Welcome Centre ~ Linda Esau


Scripture Reading for Sun. Jan. 31 is Mark Chapters 3-5.

The sermons for both services will be on Mark 5:21-43.


Please pray for:

s  Anne Unger in Bethesda Hospital

s  Helen Klassen who has moved to Bethesda Place

s  Erna Schroeder who is undergoing chemotherapy

“Dear Church Family, I’d like to let you know that my last results were very good and the cancer has shrunk considerably. I’ll be going for further Chemo treatments and would like to thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for me.”  Erna Schroeder

Congratulations to Erica Dueck and Jude Vermette who were married Jan. 19th.  May God bless you both in your married life together.

Millie & Ed Hildebrand express their appreciation for your support during the time of our mom’s illness and passing. Thank you to those who made the journey to attend the funeral service at Oak Lake.

Please check the Missionary Board for a new Newsletter from Ryan Dueck.



Today Peter Harms, Val Peters and a group from SMC are leading the worship services at Linden Place and Fernwood.

The Bursary Committee invites all those attending a Post-Secondary Christian College/University this semester to fill in a bursary form. Forms are available at the church office and need to be returned by Sun. Jan. 31.

All are invited to join a new season of Supper Club.  Supper Club puts together singles, married couples and families into groups of 8-10 people. Each group meets for supper once a month from Feb. to May in each other’s homes to get to know one another better.  If interested, please sign up at the Welcome Centre by Sun. Jan. 31.

Community Outreach and Food Committee are in need of 750ml and1 litre containers. Please drop off in the kitchen.

Gym Comm. Contact this week: Ronni Hiebert

Volunteer Driver Contact: Erdman & Eva Penner



Today, 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Family Volleyball

Mon. Jan. 25, 6:45 p.m. Men’s Volleyball

Tues. Jan. 26, 7:00 p.m. Women’s Volleyball

Wed. Jan. 27, 9:00 – 4:00 p.m. MCC Blanket Making Day in the kitchenette. Call Mary Martens or Alvie Martens for info.

Thurs. Jan. 28, 10:00 a.m. Come & Go Coffee with SMC Staff in foyer.



Jan. 31, 7:00 p.m. Communion Service in English in Sanctuary

Feb. 3, 2:00 p.m. Bible Study in MPR. Mark 5 & 6

Feb. 6, 7:45 a.m. Men’s Prayer Breakfast
Speaker: Hans Schroeder   MC: Adolf Bergen
8:30 a.m.  Sunbeams Birthday Breakfast at Smitty's.  
10:30 a.m. Frauentreffen in the kitchenette

Feb. 7, 10:45 a.m. & Noon Sr. Youth Annual Borschtfest
4:00 p.m. Young Families Toboganning & Hot Chocolate

Feb. 14, Deacon Election in Both Services.

March 6, 12:00 p.m. Fingerfood Potluck with Willard Metzger


Nurture Schedule

College & Career – Jan. 26, 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Bible Study

Boys Club – Wed. Jan. 27, 7:00 – 8:15 p.m.  Volunteer Work

Girls Club - Wed. Jan. 27, 7:00 – 8:15 p.m.  Gym Night

Jr. Youth - Wed. Jan. 27, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. Service

Sr. Youth - Thurs. Jan. 28, 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. Bible Study



Jan. 17 - 23, 2016

Our Giving: $ 5,663.93


SUNDAY SCHOOL 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.

Preschool (Age 2–Kindergarten) – Kitchenette

School-Age (Gr. 1-12) – Upstairs


  • College & Career with Randy Hildebrand 
  • Young Adults with Ed Peters -  Room # 217
  • Bible Study in Room # 109
  • Current Issues in MPR
  • Informal visiting with coffee, maté, and tereré in gym


Pray for Jennifer Otto and Gregory Rabus, MC Canada church planters in Germany, as they prepare to transition their ministry from Mannheim to Ludwigshafen. The move proceeds with the blessing of both German conference partners.



Steinbach Thrift Store-Clothing Department will accept applications for the position of co-manager until Feb.12. Please send your resume and cover letter to For info call 204-326-3888.

The City of Steinbach has a free emergency notification service available. To subscribe go to  More info at the Welcome Centre.

Eastman Immigration Services are looking for volunteers from the community to help with Government Assisted Refugees who will be located in the Steinbach area. If interested please call 204-346-6609.

As an act of reconciliation, KAIROS invites you to sign the Education for Reconciliation petition at the Welcome Centre to see Aboriginal content included in public education for every student.

Feb. 7, 7:00 p.m. Vespers Service at MHV

Feb. 8, 8:00 – 4:00 p.m. Steinbach Bible College Discovery Days. For more information and to register, visit

Mar. 4 & 5, Promise Keepers will be hosting an event for men in Winnipeg. If interested please contact Pastor Fernando or Pastor Heiko to make arrangements.


For the extended version of our bulletin visit

Multimedia email address:

Sound Technician (P.A.) email address:

Please send all material/requests by Thursday 5:00 p.m.  



Steinbach Mennonite Church is faithfully following Christ in worship and service by making disciples, building community and reaching out to the world.


Welcome Visitors

Thank you for worshipping with us this morning. If you are visiting with us, we welcome you and would like to get to know you. We invite you to introduce yourself to us at the Welcome Centre. Some basic information about our church is available to you there.


“Steinbach Mennonite Church is faithfully following Christ in worship and service by making disciples, building community and reaching out to the world.”

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